Domestic Packages

  • Guwahati Shillong Getaway

    Duration: 03 Night 04 Days
    Route: Guwahati(1) - Shillong(2)

    • This is a short break that captures best of two largest cities of North East i.e. Guwahati and Shillong. Guwahati is renowned for its Pilgrimage and Brahmaputra riverside character and Shillong is renowned for its nature centric experience.
  • Nameri - Kaziranga Bird Watching break

    Duration: 05 Night 06 Days
    Route: Pobitora(1) - Nameri National Park(1) - Kaziranga(3)

    • Nameri - Kaziranga Bird Watching break is a nature centric / bird watching itinerary that captures best of Pobitora, Nameri and Kaziranga, three most renowned areas for bird watching in Assam.
  • Shilong kaziranga Break

    Duration: 04 Night 05 Days
    Route: Shillong(2) - Kaziranga(2)

    • This is a short break that combines two most visited nature centric destinations in North East of India i.e. Shillong (Waterfall, Lakes, Scenic Views) and Kaziranga (Wildlife and Bird Watching).
  • Complete Golden Triangle

    Duration: 06 Night 07 Days
    Route: New Delhi(2) - Agra(2) - Jaipur(2)

    • Complete Golden Triangle is a variant of popular Golden Triangle Itinerary that covers all popular destination options in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.
  • Delhi Heritage with Agra

    Duration: 03 Night 04 Days
    Route: New Delhi(2) - Agra(1)

    • Delhi heritage getaway offers guests a coverage of the all popularly visited heritage sites in Delhi.

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