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Best of Thailand (06 Nights/07 Days)


Bangkok(2) - Phuket(2) - Krabi(2)


Best of Thailand - Bangkok - Phuket - Krabi is a popular honeymooner itinerary that combines two most visited exotic destinations of Thailand i.e. Phuket, Krabi alongwith capital city of Bangkok.

Start Point:  Bangkok
End Point:  Bangkok

Best Season To Travel

Short Itinerary

  • Day-1 Arrival at Bangkok. Half day City Tour.
  • Day-2 Safari World with Marine Park tour
  • Day-3 Take morning flight to Phuket. Half day City Tour.
  • Day-4 Phi Phi Island tour
  • Day-5 Transfer to Krabi
  • Day-6 Four Island Tour with Lunch
  • Day-7 Departure

Sight Seeing

Bangkok - Temple of Reclining Buddha (6.00 kms), Safari World and Marine Park (35.00 kms)

Krabi - Phi Phi Island Excursion (30.00 kms)

Phuket - Patong Beach Phuket (15.00 kms), Kata Beach Phuket (20.00 kms), Phi Phi Island Excursion (50.00 kms)




Hotel: Citrus Sukhumvit 13 by Compass Hospitality / Hotel October / Vipa Tropical Resort



Hotel: Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom / Royal Phuket City Hotel / Phra Nang Inn



Hotel: Emporium Suites / Keemala / Rayavadee




Tom yam: A hot and sour soup prepared with kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, chilli and lime juice, plus prawns or chicken.
Kaeng khiao wan: Thailand’s famous green curry, based on coconut milk, fish sauce and a curry paste made from green chillies, onions, ginger and lemongrass.
Gang pet: A hot curry with coconut milk, herbs, garlic, chilli, shrimp paste, coriander and seasoning.
Som tam: Pounded green papaya salad with green beans, dried shrimp, and peanuts in a lime juice, chilli and palm sugar dressing.
Pad Thai: Stir-fried rice noodles, served with shrimp or chicken and garnished with peanuts.
Satay: A Malay-inspired dish, made from grilled chicken served with a peanut, shallot and palm sugar dip.
Kaeng phanaeng: A mild coconut curry with a curry paste including roasted spices and beef chicken or pork.
Pad Kaphrao: Chicken, beef, pork or prawns, fried with copious quantities of chilli, Thai basil and garlic.
Tod man pla: Thai fishcakes, flavoured with kaffir lime leaves and served with sweet chilli sauce and a cucumber relish.
Kaeng massaman: A mild Thai curry with star anise, cinnamon, cloves, potatoes and beef or lamb, inspired by Indian and Persian cooking.
Mekhong: Thai whisky, usually served with coke and ice.
Sam Song: Thailand’s most popular rum.
Cha yen: Thai iced tea, made with locally grown tea, sugar and milk.
Singha: The best of Thailand’s local beers.
Chang: Cheaper than Singha and popular for just that reason.
Coconut milk: Served straight from the shell during the harvest season.

Travel Tips

  • Having adequate travel insurance cover is essential.
  • The cool season is usually considered the best time to visit Thailand, as it has the most sunshine and least rain. However, the December holidays tend to be busy and the prices inflated, so the overall best months to visit Thailand are November, January and Febuary.
  • The region is generally safe, and the towns mentioned have hospitals. Take normal precautions and keep valuables on your person at all times when traveling by bus or train.
  • To enter Thailand, a passport valid for six months is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.
  • Travellers coming from or have recently travelled through yellow fever-infected areas may be required to show a yellow fever vaccination certificate before being allowed to enter Thailand.
  • Be on your guard against pickpockets and bag snatchers. Foreigners have had items snatched by thieves on motorbikes when walking along busy streets or travelling in open transport like tuk tuks.
  • Drink spiking has been reported in tourist destinations around Thailand. Be careful about taking drinks from strangers and at clubs and parties, or leaving your drinks unattended.

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