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Singapore Fully Loaded (05 Nights/06 Days)




Singapore fully loaded itinerary allows guests to visit all major attractions of Singapore i.e. Singapore Zoo, night safari, Jurong Bird park, Sentosa Island and Universal Studio, alongwith some lesser visited options such as Science museum and also allows guests to enjoy entertainment areas such as Clarke Quay.

Start Point:  Singapore
End Point:  Singapore

Best Season To Travel

Short Itinerary

  • Day-1 Arrival at Singapore
  • Day-2 City Tour of Singapore. Afternoon visit to Sentosa Island
  • Day-3 Full day visit to Universal Studio
  • Day-4 Afternoon visit to Singapore Zoo followed by Night Safari
  • Day-5 Visit Jurong Bird Park before Departure
  • Day-6 Visit Science Museum before Departure

Sight Seeing

Singapore - Universal Studio Singapore (12.00 kms), Underwater World Sentosa Island (12.00 kms), Singapore Science Centre (18.00 kms), Jurong Bird Park (22.00 kms), Singapore Zoo (24.00 kms), Night Safari Singapore (24.00 kms)




Hotel: The Southbridge Hotel



Hotel: Copthorne King’s Hotel



Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton




Beef rendang (coconut milk beef curry).
Char kway teow (thick rice noodles stir fried in soy sauce and chilli with prawns and clams, often with additional ingredients such as egg).
Chilli crab (fresh crab with a piquant tomato sauce).
Gado gado (a fruit and vegetable salad in peanut sauce).
Hainanese chicken rice (steamed chicken served with rice which has been cooked in chicken stock, along with ginger and chilli dips).
Ikan assam (fish in a sour tamarind sauce).
• Laksa (a coconut-based spicy noodle soup, usually containing prawns or chicken as well as tofu, fishcake and beansprouts).
• Masala dosa (a rolled pancake filled with a vegetarian curry, popular as a snack or for breakfast).
• Satay (skewers of marinated meat cooked over charcoal, served with spicy peanut sauce, cucumber, onion, rice and coconut).

Regional drinks:

Bandung (milk mixed with rose syrup).
• Bubble tea (sweet, milky tea with tapioca balls which can be sucked up through the extra-wide straw).
Kopi (coffee, served with condensed milk by default but available in a variety of forms including Kopi-O which is black with sugar).
• Sarsi (root beer, which usually comes in cans; ice cream can be added to make a float).
• Singapore Sling (cocktail containing gin, cherry liquor, Cointreau, benedictine, pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine and Angostura bitters). It was invented in the early 20th century for the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
• Soya bean milk.
• Sugar cane juice.
Teh tarik (tea which has been poured repeatedly from one cup to another, cooling it, mixing in the condensed milk used as a sweetener, and leaving it with a frothy top).
• Tiger Beer (ubiquitous local lager brand, although recent

Travel Tips

  • A Singapore visa is not an immigration pass.It is a pre-entry permission for the holder of a valid Singapore visa to travel to, and seek entry, into Singapore.The grant of an immigration pass will be determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. Possession of a valid visa alone does not guarantee entry into Singapore.
  • Most nationalities get 30-days on arrival visa free.
  • Get your Travel and Medical insurance.
  • The currency of Singapore is Singapore dollar.
  • Singapore has a fabulous public transportation system and cabs on every corner. The MRT is the quickest way to get across the island.
  • Singapore is a very safe country to travel in. But, to quote a recent Singapore safety campaign, "Low Crime Doesn't Mean No Crime". Pick-pocketing is a minor concern in crowded places, particularly shopping centres.
  • Tourists can claim a refund on the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on your purchases if you spend more than $100 at any participating shops.
  • Singapore is hot and humid all year-round, with temperatures usually reaching over 30°C. You should be prepared for rain at any time, which can be torrential but usually brief.
  • The standard electrical current used in Singapore is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles) and you can use power plugs with three square prongs here.
  • Tipping is encouraged when you experience good service.
  • . There is no travel restriction by World Health Organisation (WHO) to Zika-affected countries.
  • You are not allowed to smoke in all air-conditioned places, such as malls and eateries. There are designated smoking areas in some entertainment outlets and open-air eateries.
  • You can drink water straight from the tap as the water in Singapore passes
  • Visitors can register for a free public Wi-Fi account with their foreign mobile numbers at any Wireless@SG hotspot. Overseas charges may apply. 
  • Eating on public transportation, littering, and jay-walking all carry a fine of up to $1000 SGD!
  • Drug offences are severely punished.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes are highly taxed in Singapore and you are allowed to import 1 lire of spirits, 1 litre of wine, and 1 litre of beer duty-free. Duty-free cigarettes are not allowed in Singapore.
  • Useful Numbers:
  • Police 999 Ambulance & Fire Brigade 995 Flight Information 1800 542 4422

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