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Baku-Tashkent (06 Nights/07 Days)




Tashkent is known for its modern and soviet-era architectural marvels, towering churches and a rich historical context. With this 5-day tour, you will visit this city’s tourist hot spots like Lal Bahadur Shastri Monument, Peoples’ Friendship Square, Monument of Courage, Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches, Romanov Castle Independence Square, Amir Timur Square and Parliament Building. A stunning, panoramic view from Charvak and Chimgan mountains will enthral you to the core. Visit Samarkand if you want to or explore the city of Tashkent. Gala dinner and world-class dance shows are amazing add-ons you will love to take delight in, during this tour.

Start Point:  Delhi
End Point:  Delhi

Best Season To Travel

Short Itinerary

  • Day-2 Baku city tour & Icheri Sheher (Walking Tour of the Old Town)
  • Day-3 Absheron Peninsula
  • Day-4 Baku – Tashkent
  • Day-5 Tashkent – Charvak – Chimgan
  • Day-6 Tashkent City Tour
  • Day-7 Departure

Sight Seeing

Abdul Kasim Madrassah, Chorsu Bazaar, Kukeldash Madrassah, Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan, Ilkhom Theatre, Lake Charvak / charvak Reservoir, Metrol Tashkent, Teleshayakh Mosque, Independence Square, Minor Mosque, Monument to Courage, Uzbekistan State Museum of Applied Art, Kukeldash Medressa, Barak-Khan Madrassah, Amir Temur Square and Monument, Tashkent TV tower, World War II Memorial, Alisher Navoi National Park, Mall Samarkand Darvoza, Broadway, Palace of International Forums, Tashketn Clock Towers, Lamenting Mother Memorial.




Hotel: Samir Hotel



Hotel: Ichan Qala



Hotel: Ramada Tashkent




  • Plov: Dozens of variations of this dish but usually consists of chunks of mutton, shredded red and yellow carrot and rice fried in a cast iron or aluminium pot.
  • Shashlyk: Skewered chunks of mutton barbecued over charcoal, served with sliced raw onions
  •  Lipioshka: Rounds of unleavened bread. Served in restaurants and often sold on street corners, to make an appetising meal.
  •  Samsa (samosas) are also sold in the street, but the quality is variable.
  • Manty: large boiled dumplings stuffed with meat.
  • Green tea
  • Shampanski (sparkling wine).
  • Kefir: Thick drinking yoghurt, is often served with breakfast.

Travel Tips

  • Local time is GMT +5.
  • The official currency is the Sum (UZS), which is divided into 100 tiyins.
  • Electrical current is 220 volts, 50Hz. Round, two-pin plugs, as well as oblique flat-blade plugs with ground are in use.
  • Uzbek is the official state language, but Russian is used in much day-to-day official and international communication.
  • Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to travel to Uzbekistan for mild weather, but trekkers are better off in the mountains in summer (July/August).
  • Tipping is common in restaurants and bars, and is usually 5-10 percent. Some tourist hotels and restaurants, and upmarket institutions will usually include service charge in the bill.
  • Travel to Uzbekistan is generally problem-free, but foreigners should avoid unnecessary displays of wealth and walking alone after dark, as occasional muggings do occur.
  • A general threat of terrorism exists particularly in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Planned demonstrations should be avoided as they have become violent in the past.
  • Uzbek people are Muslim and visitors should dress modestly and be sensitive to religious customs, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan when eating, drinking and smoking in public is forbidden by the Muslim culture.
  • The international dialling code for Uzbekistan is +998. The outgoing code is 8-10 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 8-10 44 for the UK). City codes are in use, e.g. (71) for Tashkent
  • The export of antiques or antiquities requires a special permit. It is forbidden to import photographs and printed matter critical of the country or its government; any live animals; fruit or vegetables; weapons; or narcotics.
  • Uzbekistan Emergency Numbers: Emergencies: 02 (Police); 03 (Ambulance).

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